I’m considering outsourcing backoffice activities, but I’m concerned about the cost.

Business owners may be concerned about the cost of outsourcing backoffice activities, however, it is typically half the price of implementing an inhouse system.

I want to make sure that the work performed is of high quality and won’t miss critical details.

Our teams are trained and experts in their respective roles. It is the only way we can even begin to offer these services.

I’m worried about communication and coordination with an outsourcing provider, especially if they are located in a different time zone.

Our teams work for you, meaning that you, and your understanding of current task completion and timelines.

How you ensure the security of my data and confidential information?

We implement strict data security protocols and policies, such as encryption, secure data storage, and data access controls.

I’m concerned about cultural differences and how they will impact communication and work.

Our diverse team has experience working with clients from different cultural backgrounds and strong cross-cultural communication skills.

I’m worried about legal issues and liabilities when outsourcing backoffice activities.

Our leadership built Fixed & Filed on a strong knowledge of relevant laws and regulations. We keep up to date to ensure that we keep your account above board.

How do you ensure that clients maintain control over their business functions?

We set clear roles and responsibilities and establish a plan for transferring knowledge and skills to ensure that you have the knowledge and skills to take back control of certain business functions if needed.

What is your ability to scale up or down as needed and the measures you have in place to ensure that I can easily make changes as needed?

One goal in onboarding is to establish clear terms for modifying the outsourcing arrangement. If need be, we have ways of adjusting to fit your needs.

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