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Frequently Asked Questions

How does backoffice outsourcing work?

You hire us, give us access to your financial accounts, and step back. We will handle the rest. You only need to approve payments and run your business.

How does insurance handling work?

We don’t replace your agents, but we do handle them for you. We sort through their mountains of paperwork, letting you make the big decisions without the fine print.

What happens if I already have an accountant?

We supercharge your accountant. By streamlining the paperwork and data behind them, they are able to make smarter decisions and file paperwork quicker and with less issues.

How much paperwork will you handle?

All of it. Our pricing includes this scaling, allowing you to grow without changing pricing, teams, or solutions.

What about legal counsel?

Fixed & Filed has a growing network of professionals, including legal experts, that work with our clients to max your success.

Do I have a dedicated accountant or bookkeeper?

While we have an assigned primary point of contact, there is not a SINGLE bookkeeper on your account. Our team is built of specialists, allowing us to maximize your backoffice team without the massive overhead. As such, we delegate elements of your books the the right specialist.

Fixed & Filed made my business move smoother, so we could grow.

Every time I think about the hours I was sinking into accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, and file management, I want to pass out. Outsourcing removed so many blockers to my time, I didn’t even realize that I could be this productive.

Dana Furlong
Laura Park Testimonial